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Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions:

Why should I buy my gun from Battle Born Ammunition & Firearms, Inc?

Battle Born Ammunition & Firearms, Inc was voted best firearms dealer in 2018 and again in 2019 - 2nd place in 2020 and in 2021 we were voted Best Firearms Store and Best Instructor in Northern Nevada!!  One of the reasons is our top level customer service.  Add in our comfortable and welcoming store atmosphere (lounge area, popcorn and coffee daily, Soup Saturdays and have you seen our kids area and art wall?), the 5 free cleanings we give with each new gun ( value - $175) and our low pricing!  

Can I order in the store?

Yes, you can order in the store and we carry a large variety of guns that we stand behind.  Custom orders require a 20% down payment which is only refundable under specific circumstances.  

What does it mean when you say that you are a "Blue Label" dealer?

Being former law enforcement, former firefighter/emt and veteran owned, we have a heart for our brothers and sisters in blue, military veterans and all first responders.  The Blue Label discount is a deeper discount that the manufacturer's give us so that we can pass along those savings to you.  For you to qualify, you must either be either active or retired law enforcement, military or fire service and your credentials must support this. 

We always discount our sales for all first responders, active duty miltary and veterans (including spouses) this does include our classes.  We would be honored to have veterans sign our wall in the store. 

What is your transfer fee 

Our transfer fees are $35 for the first serial number and $15 each for the second and subsequent serial numbers.  This is per serial number. Each separate serial number is charged that way.  Per Nevada State Tax Bulletin SUT 15-0001 we must collect Nevada Sales Tax on any Out of State transfers including any other costs required to fulfill your order (including the transfer fee and any shipping) unless you can show it was already paid to the store you transferred from.  Transferred guns are available the next business day after receipt.  If you want the transferred gun rushed, we charge an additional $15 as we must take time away from our customers to do so.  For all transfers if you do not have a valid CCW a background check fee of $25 will be added. Any firearms left over 14 days beyond receipt are subject to our monthly locker rental fees per locker.  

As of 3/1/2021 we will begin charging $25 for labor for private party transfers for the first serial number and $10 labor for any subsequent serial numbers (each).  Please note, we did attempt to do this free for a year (usually the first of the year is our corporate meeting where we review the prior year pricing and set the upcoming year pricing).  Last year we spent quite a bit of time doing the private party transfers and since we didn't limit it, there were occasions where we lost money due to multiple firearm transfers.  The state does not charge us anything for the background check, this is purely to cover our staff time.  

Do you do layaway?

Yes with 25% down we will do layaway on any in store merchandise. Layaways that go without payment for more than 30 days are subject to forfeiture of the deposit after 60 days.  No layaways on consignment guns. 

Do you do consignment?

Yes, as of 3/1/2021, our consignment fee is 20% for any firearms sold for less than $500 and 15% for any firearms sold for above $500 if you want a payout.  Any checks issued must go through our bookkeeper so please expect an at least 3 week turnaround time due to the volume of consignments.  If you want to use it as store credit, we will take a 10% fee and you must spend it on existing stock; we will no longer be keeping credits running in the store, it's just too much labor.  If your gun is dirty upon our receipt, we will charge a $35 cleaning fee and clean it before we put it on the shelf.  If you are consigning ammunition, we charge 20% and payment is not mailed until all of the ammunition has been sold.  ALL CONSIGNMENTS TAKE A MINIMUM OF 3 WEEKS FOR THE CHECK TO BE CUT.  

Do you buy used guns or do trades?

No we do not usually - in certain circumstances we may.  We have found that the customer benefits more from putting their gun on consignment in either situation.  Example - you bring us a gun that we would normally pay you $200 for, so that we can realize a profit, and we sell the gun at $300.  We have now just profited $100 from your gun.  Instead, we recommend consignment as the customer then realizes the profit.  In this situation, the customer would wind up with either a $255 store credit (instead of $200) or a check for $240 (less the 20% consignment fee).  Either way you make more if we do a consignment.

What is your refund/return policy?

We have a pretty open exchange policy, excluding firearms which cannot be returned.  We would ask that you bring your receipt so that we can see how the item was paid for in the event we are able to do a credit back to the card you used if necessary. Refunds involve bookkeeper hours which we try to avoid to help keep our prices low.  If it's for a class of any type we will NOT refund once you are confirmed in the class, we will only reschedule you.  If you cannot take the class any longer we may issue a store credit.  If you have exigent circumstances, we may consider a refund, however, we reserve the right to deduct reasonable bookkeeping fees from the refund due to our open ended reschedule policy.  IF YOU ARE DENIED ON A BACKGROUND CHECK, WE WILL NOT REFUND YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE.  You are taking the gun off our shelf and having it held for your pickup which does not allow anyone else to purchase that gun.  You will be subject to a restocking fee and an admin fee for our bookkeeper to process the refund.  Many stores will not refund anything.  You will be refunded any sales tax paid and the 25% restocking and admin fee will come off the actual gun price.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL YOU RECEIVE THE COST OF THE BACKGROUND CHECK ITSELF BACK.

If you are requesting a refund for a class you have been confirmed in, cancelled less than 72 hours prior or if you left due to no reason other than your own circumstances there is absolutely no refund. If the class is delayed either partially (shooting portion) or fully due to the weather, closing of the range or other reason out of our control, we will reschedule.  If your class has been cancelled due to something that is our doing, we will either reschedule or issue store credit.  We will not issue a refund, that is our policy. Thank you for your understanding. 

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