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Welcome to Carson City's closest store to the local range!!  Just about 2.5 miles from the range on Highway 50, nothing but convenience as your ONE STOP STORE.  ALL CLASSES INCLUDE UNLIMITED REMEDIATION!!  What that means is if at any time after you have taken your course, you feel that you need more attention, your grip or stance or aim are off etc, just call the store and find out our next range time. You then meet us at the range at no additional cost!  This is for as long as we are doing classes!!  

CCW classes include either a full certification or recertification.  Full is $120 (First responders, veterans, military qualify for a reduced price please call the store) Recertification is $60 (First responders, veterans, military qualify for a reduced price please call the store) If you bring a full class to us, we will discount the entire class.   To secure your spot, please call the store or email  Your spot will not be confirmed without payment in full. You must be paid in full the Monday prior to your class unless you have made other arrangements.  

Any student that has completed the class and wishes to have additional help shooting is encouraged to contact us to make arrangements to meet us at the range for additional help.  This is part of your fee.  More dates to be added stay tuned!!  Most classes currently occur on Saturdays.  If we have enough interest we are happy to provide evening or weekday classes.

We are happy to provide a true Ladies Only class experience with a female instructor.  Kristy is a former law enforcement officer and the survivor of a home invasion.  She can relate to many things other ladies have been through.  She's had a positive influence on many women in her life that were previously fearful of guns.  Our Ladies Only classes are done once per month unless we have a large waiting list. 

Want your own class for your church, employer, or other group wanting to provide security?  Any class you bring to us, we will discount!  We are currently licensed and approved to do classes in Lyon County and Carson and are working on approvals in other counties.

Looking to renew your HR218/LEOSA?  Meet us at the range, no charge.  We appreciate our brothers and sisters in blue! 

New additions: 

NRA Range Safety Officer Course

9 hour class that will give you the  NRA Range Safety Officer certification.  

Corporate Events - Team Building!!

What better way to blow off some steam!!  We include the firearms (or bring your own), a safety briefing, shade, ammunition, hearing protection and eye protection.  Your instructor is a former law enforcement officer and our owner, Kristy - after attending a Team Building with a former employer she decided to bring that back to the store as an offering.  Contact the store for pricing.

NRA's Refuse To Be A Victim

This is a crime prevention and personal safety seminar, where you will learn how to create layers of safety in your life to protect yourself and your family from criminal confrontations.  You will learn the tools you need to develop your own personal safety strategies including information on:  The Psychology of Criminal Predators; Mental Preparedness; Home & Cyber Security; Automobile & Travel Security; Personal Protection Options and more!  

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