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We've been harassed about setting up a "Staff" page, so here we go!!  The following, in no specific order, are the ones that help keep the ship on top of the water!  

Kristy Scott - Head Cheese as they say in Wisconsin!  Kristy is the one owner and manager; responsible for day to day operations, our lead trainer, and basically "Mom".  She's available pretty much any time, best way to reach her is not via the phone, it's via email! 

Jim Scott - This guy is Kristy's rock and husband.  He works normally as support to the First Responders locally and is in the store infrequently due to his workload.  You can usually find him in the store on Saturdays.

Cathy!!  Cathy is Kristy's right hand and keeps her somewhat organized....  ok, so she tries... Cathy is our new assistant store manager and can be reached at 

Vanessa - Veteran, active LEO, NRA Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer and now affiliated with Battle Born Ammunition!  She too has a full time gig and helps out with our Ladies Only classes.  She's in Law Enforcement so don't mess with her!  If you are looking for individual instruction just email her at 

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