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Store Closing

Well unfortunately that burglary finally did us in and we are closing the store.  We do have an amazing FFL partner who will be taking on our silencers, transfers, students, etc and as soon as we have more info from them, we will announce it!  Just know this, they are pretty amazing people who are going to go far locally!  They have our 150% support! So, come on down and grab some stuff! It's all on sale!!    Read More

Family/Child Gun Safety Classes

Battle Born Ammunition will be starting Family/Child Gun Safety Classes.  We will post the dates on our website and our Facebook page.   No charge, we will be using some of the videos from the National Shooting Sports Foundation and others.  Including one of the videos for a preview. Stay safe!!    Read More

Remanufactured vs Reloaded Ammunition

We get asked all the time what the difference is between Remanufactured and Reloaded Ammunition.   First - we here at Battle Born, only carry new or remanufactured ammunition.  We do not carry reloads, this is for your safety. Remanufactured ammunition is done by a federally licensed and insured manufacturer under strictly controlled, mathematically calculated and pressure tested conditions.   Reloading is usually done as a hobby, or by stores that do not take into account the seriousness of making sure their ammunition is done to specification, under conditions which allow for testing.  If you are buying reloads to save money, know that you get what you pay for. What do you want to #FeedYourWeapon™? UPDATE - As of June 2018 we no lo...  Read More

A Fear of Guns?

Some might think this is a rather strange post for an Ammunition & Firearms store to post, but I'm all about taking care of our customers and some have a very real fear of guns. My name is Kristy and I was afraid of guns......Has that settled in yet?  I was afraid of guns?  Wow.. one might think, she owns a gun store, how could she have ever been afraid of guns? Oh but I was.... scared to death... nightmares.....was NEVER going to touch one..... scared to death of handling a gun. Yep, that was me.  I'm here to tell you it's more common than you might think and not something that anyone should be afraid to talk about.   But we are, we are conditioned that our fears are stupid, unreasonable, silly.... we are taught not to voice our ...  Read More

Welcome to Battle Born Ammunition & Firearms, Inc

The history of our company ! Our business was started in 2013 based upon a vision.  Jim and Kristy Scott joined the company in 2016 to expand and improve upon that vision. Jim, being a first responder and Vietnam Veteran who also works for the state, is in the store 1 or 2 days a week, so truly, Kristy has been at the helm.   Kristy is a former firefighter and former peace officer.  Together they have 6 kids, 18 grandkids and 1 great granddaughter.  You will see the love for kids come out in the store in the children's area, the pictures all over the training room and the support that we give the community.   When we decided that we really needed to be able to offer our customers more, we mulled over several ways to expand. It’s always...  Read More
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